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We support executives and organizations
in times of transformation

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Strategy development

Creating disruptive growth strategies and strategic roadmaps to cope with rapidly changing market environments

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Transformation management

Designing and implementing transformation programs with a focus on improving organizational performance and health


Team development journeys

Building highly effective teams by instilling practices for alignment on direction, high-quality interaction and capabilities to adapt and change

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Capability programs

Developing leaders through personal transformations to shift limiting mindsets and behaviors and uncover their true potential


Our work is based on three principles

Successful tranformations start
with „WHY“

Successful transformation programs motivate people through a compelling vision of the future.
This vision integrates a sense of purpose or passion with the organization’s winning ambition in the marketplace

Organizations don‘t change, people do

All change has an outside-in (organizational) and inside-out (personal) component.
Leaders need to architect the overall transformation program and make change personal, creating space for people to uncover mindsets that drive their behaviors

Outstanding Leadership integrates people and performance aspects

Outstanding leaders focus on improving what an enterprise does to deliver results to its stakeholders and how effectively the organization works together in pursuit of a common goal.

They ensure alignment of vision, culture and values, drive execution excellence, and constantly challenge the status-quo

Topics we think about

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Working Together
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Our team


Stefan Pap

My passion is helping leaders create high performing organizations that are built on a strong purpose and offer employees the opportunity to realize their full potential.
Having worked as a consultant at McKinsey and executive search consultant at Russell Reynolds, I’ve realized how important the personal element is in organizational transformations: organizations as such don’t transform, people do. And any successful change needs to start with a personal commitment of the leaders of an organization. This realization set me off on a personal transformation from the highly cognitive world of corporate finance to coaching and facilitation.
Today, I work with executives, teams, and organizations to help them realize their purpose and design meaningful change programs. To complement my practical experiences, I’ve completed a degree in organizational psychology (consulting and coaching for change) at INSEAD and various coaching trainings.
My wife Patrizia and I live with our daughter at beautiful lake Zurich. In my free time I enjoy being in the nearby mountains or on the water.


Anja Stubenrauch

Aligning strategy, culture and leadership behaviors to enable execution is my real passion. Performance is for me the result achieved with a culture of trust and an actively lived purpose.
I want to inspire work environments where employees feel home and experience true development of their potential. Raising consciousness and creating a next level of growth, eliminating fear & blockages and engaging clients as whole leaders is how work. I combine a focus on results with the approach of organizational health to achieve success in an easy and playful way. Passion, wisdom, clarity and pushing out of the comfort zone are my strengths.
With my husband Christoph and our three children we live nearby Zurich/ Switzerland and enjoy the lake and  Switzerland. I love Tennis, Skiing, House Dance, Mountains, Magic Places, Books and inspirational people.


Getting in touch

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